About Scott Cooper

May 3, 2019


Scott Cooper shares his passion for history and education:

"History is a grand story of events. I am a proponent of active learning and utilize methods that encourage discussion, interaction, and reflection to ensure personal mastery. Viewed as a grand story, people learn to tell the story themselves and dig deeper into the complexity of historical events and individuals. I believe in guiding people on their journey through history and sharing the experience with them."

 "I firmly believe in assisting people in retelling the story of history through their oral and written skills. People have differing expertise and individual means of communication and learning. I celebrate these differences. For this reason, I guide people to explore and perfect their communication in retelling their understanding of history. History is a combination of diverse peoples with different means of expression and students realize they are the storytellers of their generation."

- Scott Cooper

MA- History ~ MA- Education

Adjunct History Professor / High School History Teacher / Writer / High School Leadership

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